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Shorin Ryu Kyudokan Karate-do

Welcome to the official web page of Shorin Ryu Kyudokan Karate do Sri Lanka & Australia.

Okinawan Shorin Ryu Kyudokan School, known as the Higa Family School of Karate-do, is a traditional Karate school recognized all over the world for its history, lineage and traditions handed down over the centuries.

The Kyudokan Karate School was founded by late Grandmaster Yuchoku Higa, one of the renown 10th Dan Karate masters in the world. Handed down from generation to generation, kyudokan has advanced its technical content and dynamics, without losing the spirit of its roots to the forefathers of Karate.


Some of the basic features of the school are as follows:

  • The Mi Wo Mamoru principle: the concept of protecting (covering) the body.
  • The Marumi-Muchimi principle: circularity and continuity of the movement.
  • Principle of yin and yang.
  • Development of Ki (energy) by means of the circular work of Hara (tanden).
  • Kokyu: The concept of abdominal breathing.


Indishe Senanayake Sensei (5th Dan/Karate) with Grandmaster, Higa Oscar Sensei (10th Dan-Hanshi)

Indishe Senanayake Sensei was appointed as the Kyudokan Represenative of Sri Lanka in 2002 by Grandmaster Oscar Higa. He was appointed as the representative of Kyudokan School in Australia once he moved to Australia in 2016. Indishe Sensei teaches Kyudokan Karate, Ryukonkai Kobudo and Chen Style Tai Chi.